If you want to know if your quote has been selected, you can always check the platform. However, we also send e-mail notifications to inform you about either winning or losing a bid. Check out the quick video or read the instructions below.

Video: Quote status


Quote won

When you are awarded a shipment, you will receive an e-mail containing that good news. The e-mail notification contains a direct link to that shipment so you can review the details immediately. Alternatively you can find the shipment by searching the platform with the S# or via the "Shipment" tab in the blue main menu bar. 

Quote lost

You will receive a similar notification when your quotation was not selected. The 'quote lost'-notification contains a reason as to why the shipper selected another quote. Obviously, we do not share what provider actually did win the shipment, pricing details are also not shared.  

I did not receive a notification 

Please check your notification settings if you didn't receive a notification when you did expect one. Trouble with your notification settings? Please read the following article how to edit notifications

Please be advised that you will not receive a notification when you didn't submit a quotation or declined the request. 

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