You will receive quite a few notifications during the lifespan of the shipment to keep you well informed. 

Import notifications will be forwarded in realtime and less time-critical notifications will be forwarded in a mail digest. 

However, we understand that you don't want to receive operationally related notifications as a salesperson or vice versa. 

You can make adjustments in your account setup when you feel that you are receiving too many notifications. Please follow the next 3 steps:

  1. click on your name in the right top corner of the page 

  2. click on "Settings" in the dropdown menu 

  3. click on "Notifications" at the left side of the page 

Personal and Team Notifications: you will receive all notifications through the lifespan of the shipment. 

Off: you will not receive any of the notifications, mostly used when a group email address is connected to receive all notifications. 

Custom Settings: Still not happy with the number of notifications you receive?
You can also make adjustments per topic. 

Don't forget to "Save" your new setup! 

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