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How to request for Quote Extension from providers
How to request for Quote Extension from providers

My quote expired. How do I extend the quote period?

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Quote Expiration

Similar to when you create a quote request with an expiration date, a provider submits their quote with an expiration as well. This prevents the illusion of perpetual pricing on shipments.

The quote I want to book has expired, how do I request extension?

When a provider's quote expires, you will not be able to book their quote. However, you can ask the provider to extend the validation of their quotation by clicking "Quote expired, request extension" below the grey "Book" button. 

All quotes are available, but the platform says the quote need to be confirmed.

When changes are made to shipment details, after a provider submitted a quote, providers need to reconfirm the initial quote, or submit a new one. This is done to ensure the quote still aligns with the shipment details. In case a provider needs to confirm, they are informed automatically.

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