Wrong invoice submitted, wrong invoice approved

Invoices can go approved by mistake due to a combination of factors:

  • The Provider submitted wrong numbers or applied non-agreed charges.

  • The Shipper overlooked errors in numbers or non-agreed charges before clicking the 'Approve' button.

No way to reverse approved invoices

Once an invoice is approved, there is no feature allowing either party to cancel an approval and amend the invoice details.

Users do not have the ability to perform any reversal. All approved invoices remain on record in order to:

  • Keep the history of events for compliance and audit purposes.

  • Mirror the most standard practice in the industry, with the issuance of credit notes.

Request for credit note and new invoice

When an incorrect invoice was approved and need to be canceled, the Shipper informs the Provider to follow those 2 steps:

  1. Submit an invoice with a negative amount (equivalent to a Credit Note) to cancel the first invoice submitted.

  2. Submit a new invoice with the revised amount, as agreed with the Shipper.

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