Which LSPs can join my Cargobase account?

In Cargobase, you work with your private pool of preferred or pre-qualified Logistics Service Providers. You are in control of your logistics partners. We currently have over 800 LSPs on the platform, including the Top 25 worldwide freight forwarders.

How can I notify LSPs to join my Cargobase account?

Providers are invited via Email. You may use the Email template below to notify the LSPs you wish to invite and share with them the Cargobase sign-up link. Once you have selected and invited your LSPs, we will train and onboard them onto Cargobase.

Provider notification Email

For our team to follow up, always copy support@cargobase.com in your Email to the Providers.

Dear Logistics Partner,

At [SHIPPER NAME], we are constantly looking at improving our logistics
processes. As a step in doing so, we started implementing Cargobase to
automate and gain greater control of our shipments.

Cargobase is an independent online platform that automates quoting,
booking, tracking, and auditing of freight. The platform is accessible
to our nominated providers only.

Why will Cargobase also be of benefit to you?

- You will never miss out on an opportunity
- Less emails and errors with standardized and validated shipment
- Clear and timely feedback on all the quotes you have submitted
- Gain full insights into your performance at local, regional and global

What's next?

- Create an account via https://www.cargobase.com/sign-up
- Attend a training: after signing up, Cargobase will contact you to
set a time.

Your go-live date on Cargobase is [ADD A DATE].

If you have a question, send us a message via the orange bubble.

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