Whether you are new to Cargobase or already using our platform, it is always the right time to get started, learn new features or refresh your skills.

Cargobase User Training for Logistics Service Providers (30 minutes):

  • Get started

  • Understand Cargobase flow

  • Review quote request details

  • Submit a quote

  • Update shipments

  • Submit invoices

BOOK YOUR SEAT and let us know which session you'd like to attend.

Session 01 - AMERICAS

Every Tuesday, 9:00 AM, Central Standard Time

Session 02 - AMERICAS

Every Tuesday, 4:00 PM, Central Standard Time

Session 03 - EMEA

Every Tuesday, 10:00 AM, Central European Time

Session 04 - EMEA

Every Tuesday, 4:00 PM, Central European Time

Session 05 - ASIA-PACIFIC

Every Tuesday, 10:00 AM, Singapore Standard Time

Session 06 - ASIA-PACIFIC

Every Tuesday, 4:00 PM, Singapore Standard Time

Prior to the training, you may want to watch our QUICK TRAINING VIDEOS

If you have a question, send us a message via the orange bubble on the platform or via support@cargobase.com.

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