Welcome to Cargobase Provider Training Program!

We've prepared some short videos for you to get started with Cargobase in 4 steps.

These 4 steps will guide you through the 4 main features available in Cargobase for Providers to submit quotes, track shipments and submit invoices.

Click on the link at each step below to access the related video.

STEP 1: Review the details of a quote request

- Access the quote request details page

- Discover the routing details

- Discover the packing list details

- Chat with the Shipper

STEP 2: Submit a quote

- Access the quote submission page

- Submit rates per unit and per shipment

- Confirm the shipping schedule

- Confirm the quote validity

STEP 3: Update a shipment in transit

- Access the shipment dashboard page

- Update the shipment details

- Exchange messages and files with the Shipper

- Confirm the Proof of Delivery (POD)

STEP 4: Submit an invoice

- Access the invoice submission page

- Add your invoice number

- Update the invoice amount

- Upload your final invoice

Want to dive deeper?

If you have a question, send us a message via the orange bubble on the platform or via support@cargobase.com.

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