Most, but not all, users on Cargobase have the ability to invite additional team members to the platform. Watch this quick video on how to do this, or follow the instructions below.

For provider users

Important: Ensure you select the appropriate team for the users. Without a team, the user can access the platform, but cannot access your shipments.

 Add a user by following these next 4 steps:

  1. click on your name in the right top corner of the page

  2. click on "Settings" in the drop-down menu 

  3. click on "Admin settings" at the left side of the page 

  4. click on "Users" in the drop-down menu 

You will see a green button in the right top corner of the page. 

Add a new user by completing this form.
The difference in a user role will depend on the company setup.
Select one or more teams.

Don't forget to save your new team members account!

Your colleague will receive an email with a link to activate his/her account.

If you have a question, send us a message via the orange bubble.

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