Not every user has the ability to 'book' the quotes that they want, either because their account simply does not allow it, and in some cases because the cost of the quote exceeds their 'approval level'. If that happens, a user has to ask approval. 

Certain users have to first identify whom they want as approver, other users can simply hit that request approval button and all potential approvers are notified.

If you have been notified to approve, either via e-mail, sms or push message, your action is required before the shipment can occur. Watch the quick video below how to do so. 

Did you know you can also 'Transfer' an approval request? If you have been asked to approve, but feel that another person would be better suited to do so; simply click 'Transfer' and identify the colleague you want. Please note; only colleagues with a sufficient approval status will be listed for you to select.

If you have a question, send us a message via the orange bubble.

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