When a shipper invites a provider to quote on a request, they will always provide 2 timers; the Quoting deadline and the Confirmation timer.

The quoting deadline provides a cut-off moment until when a provider can submit a quote. The confirmation timer indicates when the shipper is expecting to actually decide and award that shipment. 

These timers are indicative, so as soon as the first quote comes in, the shipper can already decide to award the shipment. For providers this means that quoting sooner rather than later is best. 

Shippers however, do have a responsibility to be accurate with the timers they set. Allowing a deadline too far in the future, but quickly awarding the shipment might influence the likeliness of providers to quote in the future.

If your request is archived, before you were able to submit your quote be sure to check your notifications to see if that shipment was unfortunately already awarded to a different provider.

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