The Cargobase platform provides a great solution to work together on quoting, tracking or invoicing all your shipments. To make sure all incoming requests or updates are received, we now support 'group mail-addresses'. 

A group - or team - mail address is an extension of your team setup, and allows individual users to have their private account and preferences, but makes sure nobody misses out on critical notifications.

How do I add a group address to my team?

Simple: send a quick note to or click the support bubble below and let us know what teams require what address.

I just want to add a group-mailbox as a user ID, is that still possible?

Cargobase advises against the use of 'generic' user accounts, as this creates ambiguity in auditing shipments, requires account changes after every turnover, and prevents user-specific settings. 

We want to add a group address, but will I still receive individual notifications?

Yes, if you want to. For now, after adding the group address, you will receive all notifications on the group address, as well as on your personal address. If you want to change your notifications settings, navigate to your personal settings.
Find out more on changing notifications: Changing your notifications

Can I add multiple group addresses?

Yes, you can! 

Can I use a group address for multiple teams?

Sure! That is completely up to you.

If you have a question, send us a message via the orange bubble.

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