Provider selection

The Cargobase platform is set up in a way to match shippers and providers only if there is a true fit. Only inviting providers that can fulfil your request is the key objective. That means that for each enterprise account, the supporting provider accounts are set up for specific lanes or regions and freight modes. 

The provider I want is not listed

If the provider you expect is not available, this might be the result of a pre-selected freight mode or lane. We recommend accepting the short listed set of providers, because they are the result of a carefully set-up process by your account administrators.

I made some changes, can I now invite more providers?

Yes you can! If you navigate to the final request page and view the list of invited providers, there is a feature called 'invite more providers' this will allow to invite additional providers from the updated short list available for that freight mode and lane.

If you have a question, send us a message via the orange bubble.

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