On The Go

Cargobase On The Go - allows you to view, approve and track all you shipments on your smart phone. You can even communicate directly with everybody involved in the shipment, including your logistics providers.

Shipper functionality

Cargobase On The Go - allows you to view open requests, incoming quotes, and track active shipments. If you have 'approval rights' you can also approve or decline shipment requests, all from within the app.

I want to review a historic shipment, but can’t seem to find it

The quote request and shipment pages provide a list of historic requests or delivered shipments. However, for reasons of efficacy, this archive goes back only 30 days. If you want to lookup an older shipment, we suggest you login to the web platform using your web browser

I want to create a new requests, does the app support that?

Currently we suggest using Cargobase On The Go, for any actions you might be required to do whilst on the move. More elaborate actions, like creating a new request is only supported on the web platform. If you are interested in creating new requests directly from the app, please let us know via support@cargobase.com 

I downloaded the app, but I cannot login

If you want to use Cargobase On The Go, be sure that you have an active Cargobase account. If you have an account, but if you are not sure if it is already activated, use your web browser to login at https://web.cargobase.com, if you sign in there, you should be able to use the app without a problem, otherwise you might be required to follow some final ‘Sign up’ steps.

I downloaded the Android App but it says ‘You must be a shipper’.

Currently, the Android app is only available for Shipper user, not for Logistics providers. The iOS app is available for Providers as well. If you are interested in an Android App for logistics providers as well, please let us know via support@cargobase.com

I opened the app, but have some questions on how to use it

If you have any questions on how the app works you can interact with Cargobase support directly. Open the app, and navigate to ‘Settings' on the bottom row. Once you are in settings, select the ‘Ask us a question’ option.

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