Hi, excited to get started with Cargobase? Watch this quick video on how to login, or follow the instructions below.

Cargobase Platform via your web browser

The Cargobase platform is accessible through any modern web browser. That means you never have to install any software, and you can navigate to your shipments anywhere on the planet. 

We always recommend using either the Google Chrome, or Apple Safari browser for the best user experience, as well as a high resolution screen.

Navigate to https://cargobase.com and use the 'Login' button on the top right of the page.

Access Cargobase login page by clicking the 'Login' button on Cargobase website

If you don't want to remember the specific URL, you can bookmark the link to Cargobase website - https://cargobase.com

Cargobase Platform via your Smartphone

If you are on the go, and want to quickly log in, we always recommend you use our mobile apps, rather than logging into the full website.

Cargobase mobile app for iOS devices
Cargobase mobile app for Android devices
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