No need to check the platform whether your quotation has been booked or not. We will send you a notification either way. 

Quote won

You can open the shipment dashboard when you click on "View updates" in the received notification.
Or you can find the shipment by searching the platform with the S# or via the "Shipment" tab in the blue main menu bar. 

Quote lost

You will receive a similar notification when you lost the quotation.
We give you the reason why the shipper didn't choose your quotation, can be price related, uplift or maybe reliability.
We will not tell you who won the shipment or any information about their quotation. 

I didn't receive a notification 

Please check your notification settings if you didn't receive a notification when you did expect one.  
Trouble with your notification settings? Please read the following article how to edit notifications

Please be advised that you will not receive a notification when you didn't submit a quotation or declined the request. 

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