Successfully delivered the shipment?  Open the shipment dashboard by searching the platform with the S# or via the "Shipment" tab in the blue main menu bar. 

The shipment will stay in transit until the POD is submitted. Click on "Submit POD" in the top right corner of the shipment dashboard.  Complete this form to submit the POD.

An orange "Submit invoice" button comes forth after submitting the invoice, click on it. 

Fill in all fields with a red asterisk or "remove invoice" when you decide not to invoice the shipper.

You can add a summary of the goods. We would highly recommend you use this option, explicitly when the actual shipment diverges from the requested. 

Add as many items as needed.

Fill out this form with the chargeable weight as per the actual shipment and the charges as per the submitted quotation. You can find the quoted amount and the amount due under the cost form.

And last but not least, add attachments and/or a comment. 

Finalise the invoice and await the approval.  

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